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30 Totally Relatable German Shepherd Memes

The AKC has ranked the German Shepherd consistently in the top 2 of most popular breeds for more than a decade, and it’s obvious as to why. They're more loyal than any other breed (meaning they don't run away), they're obedient, easily trained and have a knack for shenanigans.

Enjoy these 30 totally relateable German Shepherd Memes!

Selfie Time


K-9 Police in Training

I am Tough. I am Brave. I will bite bad guy butts!

Ignore the meows

Move Along. Nothing to see here.

Weekend = Relax

No Judgements! You do you!

Shedding Delight

Sheppy Tumbleweeds!!

Annual Checkup

Clever Doggo!

Laying it all out

Oh yeaaaaahhhh

The Best Security System

Bad Guy Butt Biter!

Obedience Training 101

The Ultimate training Test. Brave Kitty.

She's Pawsome

Oh Heyyyyyy There!

Mom will love it

So Floofy. Xtra treats granted!

Research Done

I trust your logic

Glasses = Instant Intelligence

You get ALL the treats!

Tubby Time

Exit tub and time for ZOOOOMMIESS!

GSD Handbook

This is SO Accurate!

Now that's a Pack

You'd be a fool to mess with her

Hide & Seek

If I can't see you.... You can't see me!!!

Lil' Chomp Chomp

Dog shaming at its best!

You know what they say about Karma.....

Dog Name Winner of the Year!

What's that smell?

That's ripe!

Ordered through Amazon

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Do you have ID?

You're hired!

No Bills. Just Checks.

No bills please

Uh oh... Someone's in trouble

The Green-eyed monster has arrived

What Bed?

Bed makes me hot. I use floor.

But that Face!

But but but.... so cute!

I swear I didn't mean it

That face means something is definitely broken!

It's shedding season

Totally Accurate!

You can't leave me if you can't brush your teeth

But you let the cat do it!

Well, if studies show!

As if we didn't already know!

Welcome to the Pack!


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