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10 Best Foods for German Shepherd Puppies

Some pet owners struggle with choosing the right food for their German Shepherd puppy. You being here means you are having the same problem. In this article, we will not only help with the best food for German Shepherd puppy, but we will also discuss some essential factors that might help you to ensure proper physical and mental growth of your little companion.

puppy in grass

How Often to Feed German Shepherd Puppies?

You will have to feed your puppy three to four small meals every day until your pet becomes six months old. Once the puppy reaches this age, you will have to split the food into two big meals. Be sure to follow the instructions on the manufacturers packaging.

What Are Their Caloric/Nutrient Needs?

A German Shepherd puppy needs more food than an adult as they will be in a growing phase. Puppies always remain busy and spend most of their time playing and exploring the environment. Their diet needs to be rich in protein to ensure muscular development and healthy mental and physical growth. In brief, you can say that you should consider a diet that adds protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Minerals and vitamins are required for growth. However, be mindful not to go overboard on minerals and vitamins.

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Should I Feed Wet Food, Dry Food, or a combination of?

Dry food and wet food are both considered suitable for German Shepherd puppies. You can combine them both. But you need to start with wet food once the German Shepherd puppy is weaned from its mother. The digestive system is used to milk. So, dry food can cause digestive issues initially. Start with wet foods, and then you can gradually move to dry food. You can start offering dry food when your puppy becomes 12 weeks old, which is about the age a puppy is when you bring it home. Once you introduce dry food, you can make it the prime source of food since dry food ensures better energy and strength.

Is Organic Worth the Extra Money?

Yes, organic is worth it, and you can consider organic if your budget allows it. Organic food can ensure the overall well being of your German Shepherd puppy. With organic food, you can expect shiny and luscious coats. They can thrive and live longer if you always provide them organic food. Non-organic foods come with trace amounts of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and unhealthy fillers. These are toxic and can be harmful to your pet. Organic food is the best food for German Shepherd puppies.

Best Food for German Shepherd Puppy

Science Diet is a popular and trusted brand when it comes to dog food. Therefore, you can expect this high quality food to avoid any kind of complications in the early weeks of your puppy's life. Also, Hills Science Puppy Dry Food is recommended by many German Shepherd puppy owners and breeders. You can continue with this food until your puppy becomes twelve months old. It is an excellent source of calcium to ensure proper bone health. The food can be effective in preventing many health complications, including dysplasia as well.

Science Diet food

In addition to the calcium, it has chondroitin and natural glucosamine. These ingredients will make your puppy's muscles and joints healthy and strong. Your German Shepherd puppy will get the required amount of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. All these are going to boost the immunity of your puppy. Also, it will not contain flavorings, colors, and preservatives.


VICTOR Pro-Active Puppy Formula is another exceptional food for German Shepherd puppies. The key ingredients are whole grain millet, blood meal, chicken fat, yeast culture, and chicken meal. It is free from gluten and can be the best for puppies since it gives the required energy to be active throughout the day. The food is appreciated for high-quality nutrition, and that makes it an excellent choice for young puppies. It has 92% meat protein.

Victor puppy food

In addition to the protein, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. If you are looking for the best dog food to boost immunity and improve your puppy's digestive system, this may be the way to go.


Holistic Select Puppy Lamb Meal is considered the best food for German Shepherd puppies due to its nutritional benefits. It offers exceptional health support to your puppy. The food will be gentle on the digestive system and can be the best choice for puppies in their early weeks. The core ingredients are ground brown rice, lamb meal, and chicken meal. All of them are natural and will not harm your puppy in any manner.

holistic puppy food

Also, it adds omega 3 fatty acids that will ensure a healthy coat and skin. There are probiotics, taurine, glucosamine, and antioxidants to ensure the overall growth of your puppy.


Earthborn Holistic Grain-free Puppy food can be an excellent food for German Shepherd puppy if you are looking for a natural option. The key ingredients are pea protein, tapioca, dried egg, peas, and bison meal. All these are natural ingredients and can be perfect for their immature and delicate digestive system. The great balance of nutrients will help with proper growth and energy. The flavor is also excellent.

Earthborn puppy food

The above ingredients contain L-carnitine, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients rich fruits and vegetables. All these will help your puppy to thrive. These ingredients can boost immunity, as well.


Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Food is manufactured to offer a balanced diet to growing puppies. The key ingredients make it an outstanding food choice for German Shepherd Puppies. It contains novel proteins such as the roasted bison, roasted venison, nutrient-rich legumes, K9 strain probiotic blend, and natural antioxidants to improve the digestive system of your puppy. Also, it adds boar, lamb, and fiber.

taste of the wild puppy food

The best thing about this dry puppy food is that it does not contain corn, grain, wheat, artificial flavors preservatives, wheat, and color.


If Popeye was a dog, this would be his choice of food! Your puppy will need a balanced and rich diet to get the required energy and strength to be active throughout the day. If you are looking for a brand for German Shepherd puppies to aid in proper growth, you can try Instinct Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food. It contains chicken meal, duck, egg products, Turkey meal, and peas to boost your pet's immunity. It is a grain-free formula and can support optimal growth.

instinct puppy food

In addition to the above, there are omega-3 acids, probiotics, and antioxidants. As it is a natural food, there are no preservatives, flavors, and artificial colors.


If you are looking for a great combination of peas, chicken meal, deboned chicken, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, you should not look beyond Merrick Grain-free Puppy Food. Almost all of the large breed puppies, including the German Shepherd, need a grain-free and high-protein diet to really thrive.

merrick puppy food

Merrick combines nutrients, protein, fibers, minerals, and natural ingredients to become an ideal food for your puppy. With Merrick Grain-free Puppy Food, you can expect a complete balanced diet.


Dr. Gary's Holistic German Puppy Food may be the best food for German Shepherd puppies since it is specifically crafted for this breed. The key ingredients are brown rice, oatmeal, chicken meal, chicken fat, and beet pulp. Most of these ingredients are highly digestible and can ensure maximum nutrition absorption. Your German Shepherd is going to love the delicious blend.

dr. gary's puppy food

In addition to the above ingredients, it contains chicken, eggs, and fish to promote muscle development and overall well being. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids will make the coat shiny and luscious. There are also quality fibers to improve the functioning of their digestive system.


The key ingredient of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Food for Puppies is deboned chicken. Its grain-free and high-protein ingredients will maintain the muscle mass and motivate your little friend to enjoy all the activities. It contains chicken meal, peas, menhaden fish meal, and pea protein as well. This specific food can be a great choice both for puppies and adult German Shepherds.

blue buffalo puppy food

Antioxidants and healthy crabs will make your puppy physically and mentally active. You can expect the ultimate development with regular consumption.


Blackwood Dry Puppy Food may be the best food for a German Shepherd puppy if you are looking for a regular balanced diet without hurting your budget. It contains lamb meal, millet, oats, chicken meal, and brown rice.

blackwood puppy food

Blackwood can help to improve digestion and keep your puppy active throughout the day.


Wrapping Up

These are the best food choices for your German Shepherd puppy. You can add them to your puppy's diet slowly to avoid any digestion issues. Whatever you choose, make sure that it comes as a great blend of protein, fat, fibers, carbohydrates, and nutrients.

10 best foods for puppies

Welcome to the Pack!


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