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5 Best German Shepherd Harnesses in 2023

Do you want to experience more comfortable walks with your German Shepherd? If your direct answer to this inquiry is yes, purchasing the right harness can make a big difference. When you go out to shop for a good German Shepherd harness, you will realize that there are various options to consider; however, you will need to be careful since not every harness you come across will be good for your dog. We understand that purchasing the right harness may be a big challenge, particularly for newbies, and that's why we are composing this post to help you make the right decision with ease.

Harnesses are not only wonderful tools for a more comfortable walk for you, but it also gives your German Shepherd a sense of pride and purpose. Remember that at heart, German Shepherds are working dogs. Some harnesses do come with side bag attachments. Going on a hike with your German Shepherd? Have your GSD carry a of couple water bottles! They get their instinctual needs met, while you enjoy the scenery.

Here we will have an in-depth look at the 5 Best German Shepherd Harnesses to consider in 2021 and beyond.

5 Best German Shepherd Harnesses

1. Chai Choice Dog Harness

This is reviewed as one of the best German Shepherd harnesses that you will come across in the market. Various things make chai choice No-Pull German shepherd harness a standout among the rest. For instance, it features two straps, three-meters long each to enable you to walk the dog while maintaining a reasonable distance using the harness. Since these straps are long enough, your German shepherd dog will have enough space to play amid walks.

Besides, The Chai Choice Harness comes in various sizes to allow you to pick the right fit for your puppy / adult dog. You will admire that this dog harness is one of the most durable choices available in the market. The material is made from strong, durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof material.

It features reflective strips that enhance the visibility of your German Shepherd when you are out for a travel with your dog.


  • Fairly Priced

  • Available in various sizes for your growing German Shepherd

  • Durable

  • Water-Resistant

  • Breathable material

  • Stylish

  • Reflective strips to enhance visibility

  • Comfortable design etc.


  • May be expensive to some German Shepherd owners.


2. Embark Pets Harness

When purchasing a good harness for your German Shepherd, you want to purchase one that's not only reasonably priced but also durable. If this is your case, then you have Embark Pets harness as supposedly the best choice. It's suitable for dog owners who are looking to experience excellent hand control of their dogs.

The harness is an excellent choice for dog training purposes, traveling, or handling working dogs - it just fits perfectly to make sure that your German Shepherd has zero chances to escape.

When you go out to shop for this harness, be confident that you will find the right fit for your dog. The manufacture understands that dog sizes vary and have, as such, designed the harness in various sizes to meet various needs.

Once you bind the Embark pet harness on your German Shepherd neck successfully, you can take them out for travel, enjoy adventurous work, or even train them comfortably.

The material is extremely durable and yet chews proof to assure you of fair value for the money.


  • Durable and chew-proof material

  • Machine washable

  • Available in all the sizes

  • Comfortable fit for your German Shepherd

  • Suitable for all needs, e.g., traveling, training, working, etc.

  • Easy to bind on your dog's neck


  • Some reviewers claim that it's the clips aren't sufficiently thick.


3. Julius-k-9 No-Pull Harness

As per the testimonials from previous customers, you can attest that the Julius-K-9 Pull Harness is among the best choices you have, specifically for powerful working dogs such as German Shepherds.

This product is unlike some other dog harnesses in the market that would cause bald spots on the skin of your German Shephard. It's actually made in Europe with German materials and has made it incredibly soft anti-allergenic OEKO-TEX material to give your German Shepherd a comfortable feeling.


  • Comfortable for powerful working dogs

  • Premium German materials

  • Adjustable and Easy to operate

  • Safe and reflective

  • Soft fabric

  • Various sizes available

  • Can get custom velcro patches for sides (not included)


  • May not be readily affordable to some individuals

  • A few reviewers claimed that it's not the best for a very determined puller


4. Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness

You want to handle your German Shepherd the best when walking as well as when driving. The Kurgo Tru-Fit harness has been designed in a manner that it features a perfect seatbelt attachment that you can attach to your car's shoulder belts.

Other than that, this harness features double leash connection points (back and chest), thus giving you the freedom to choose what's best for the German Shepherd.

Unlike some other harness models, the chest features additional padding that helps to safeguard your dog against sustaining severe injuries in case of an accident.


  • Features seatbelt attachment that keeps your German shepherd safe in a vehicle

  • Extra chest padding to minimize injuries in case the dog encounter accidents

  • Durable material

  • Up to five adjustment points

  • Crash-tested harness


  • May not be readily affordable to some individuals


5. Icefang Tactical Harness

These have been claimed to be the most robust and long-lasting harnesses money can buy. They are mostly designed for police K9 units or military purposes.

At a glance, you will discover that they are made from exceptionally thick nylon that guarantees durability and makes them machine washable.

Unlike most other harnesses you will encounter in the market, the Icefang Tactical harness features steel clips and not plastic clips.

It's stylish and features reflective clips that are meant to enhance visibility on the road.

It's a thick, waterproof, and chew-resistant harness.


  • Extremely durable material

  • Reflective clips for visibility purposes

  • Uses steel clips and not plastic

  • Double nylon straps

  • Stylish and comfortable design

  • Breathable liner


  • Too many buckles



Purchasing the best harness for your German Shepherd will make your work easier amid training, traveling or adventurous work. The above are some of the best options money can buy. Give any of them a try, and you will have a whole different experience. I'd love to hear what your favorite harness is. Comment below!

Welcome to the Pack!


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