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20 Under $20 - Our Favorite, Must Have Dog Items

We hope you love these recommended products as much as we do! Just so you know, The Good Vibe GSD may collect a share of sales from the links on this page (from Amazon, not your pocket). See our Affiliate Disclosure here. Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


1. Dog Tag

A MUST HAVE when owning a dog is a dog tag that has all the important info of your pup. Why not make it funny as well? Here is our favorite dog tag from Amazon:

2. Standard Dog Collar

A dog collar is a staple in dog ownership. If your dog were to get away, this gives other people an indication that your dog belongs to somebody and is not a stray. Here is our favorite standard collar from Amazon:

3. LED Collar

If you're a fan of night walking, camping or just letting your dog out at night then an LED collar is also an essential item. Here is our favorite LED collar from Amazon:

4. Dog Leash

A 5 foot / 6 foot leash is the ideal length for a leash. We are highly opposed to retractable leashes as it gives a dog too much control on a walk. Remember, you are the Alpha and should ALWAYS be in control. A leashed dog that is 12 feet away from you is not only in charge but the 12 foot long leash is also a hazard to anyone else in that radius. Here is our favorite leash from Amazon:

5. Dog Harness

6. Doggy Poop bags

Whether you live in the city or in an HOA, doggy poop bags are a necessity. Here's our favorite from Amazon:

7. Dog Crate

(Technically not under $20, but a MUST-HAVE). Here is our favorite dog crate from Amazon:

8. Dog Food / Water Bowls

Food and water bowls tend to be as unique as the owners. Although this may not be a fancy dish set, we really like the "grippiness" of it for German Shepherds. Being under $20 is also a big plus in our book!

9. Food & Water Mat

Some dogs do not require an anti-slip water mat as they're efficient drinkers.... And some... need this. Put this under your "Gorilla Grip Feeder" and you're all set! Here's our favorite one from Amazon:

10. Dog Bed

Ok, this is just a bit over $20, but we couldn't agree that anything cheaper than this would be worth your beloved pup. We can confirm, however, that this a doggy favorite in our home. It also fits comfortably inside the dog crate mentioned above.

11. Pawprint Keepsake

Is this an essential item? No. But who wouldn't want to remember those cute little puppy paws??

12. Custom Dog Bandana

Yes, technically this is $25, but we just love the look of these Willowear personalized bandana's for dogs!



13. Be the Pack Leader ~ Cesar Millan

This book is so important when owning a dog. Being a pack leader is essential in dog ownership, otherwise your dog will gladly take the lead and put you in your place. Choose the (audiobook version here) or book below:

14. Your German Shepherd Puppy - Month by Month

This book is the dog equivalent of What to Expect when You're Expecting! Choose the (audiobook version here) or book below:

15. The Complete Guide to German Shepherds

This book covers everything German Shepherd, from knowing if the breed is even right for you and your family, all the way till taking care of your senior German Shepherd. See our article here on what you can expect to pay for your German Shepherd (whether adoption or from a breeder). Choose the (audiobook version here) or book below:



16. Dog Saddlebag / Backpack

At the end of the day you must remember that your German Shepherd is a working breed. This breed needs to have a job to feel accomplished. This need can be met by herding sheep, being a K9 officer or helping you carry some water bottles on a walk! Here is our choice for under $20:

17. Clicker Trainer

Clicker training isn't used by everyone. We can verify however that our dogs learn faster with clicker training as they understand the expectations of the clicker. We recommend this quick guide on clicker training from the AKC website as there is a wrong way to do it! Here is our favorite clicker from Amazon:

18. Dog Door Bells

Doggy door bells are a great training tool for teaching your pup to jingle the bells when he has to go outside. We highly recommend this one from Amazon:


Toys & Entertainment

19. Kong Puppy Toy

Out of all the doggy toys we've had throughout the years, nothing has stood the test of time like the Kongs. Not only are they durable, but they also keep your pup busy!

20. Interactive Puzzle Game

Mental stimulation is vital for our dogs. It's just as important as exercise. Stimulating your dog's mind can help avoid unwanted behaviors caused by boredom. We have an article all about this. (Find it here). We highly recommend this puzzle game from Amazon!

21. Teething Toy Ball

As much as you may love puppy breath, those teeth that want to chew everything are not as loveable! We love these teething balls from Amazon for occupying the little chewing machines!



22. Dog Shampoo

Unless You're planning on sending your dog to the groomers on a regular basis, we highly recommend this calming oatmeal/lavender puppy shampoo from Amazon:

23. Dog Bathing Gloves

To go along with bath time we highly recommend these bathing gloves to remove excess shedding fur and really work in the shampoo.

24. Dog Grooming Brush

You should always have a standard grooming brush in your home. We found this brush from Amazon to be perfect for our pups.


Welcome to the Pack!


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